When we rise together, we all share in the region’s success.

The challenges we face today require a new level of collaboration
— across organizations, sectors, and neighborhoods.

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Seattle-area neighborhoods
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Why collaborate?

Why collaborate?

Problems as big as our region’s affordability crisis require big solutions. That is why our six nonprofit organizations with trusted roots in community have broken out of our silos to do more together.

The Rise Together partners are Africatown Community Land Trust, Byrd Barr Place, Community Roots Housing, GenPride, Southwest Youth & Family Services, and White Center Community Development Association.

We are joining forces to create new community-driven, place-based programs and services alongside desperately needed affordable housing options. As the Rise Together campaign, we are strengthening our communities through collaborative investment in our neighborhoods and in one another.

Place-based work

Place-based work in three communities.

The Rise Together partners recognize that displacement is a shared issue in our region: it is not happening in just one neighborhood.

Escalating housing costs and the loss of beloved community institutions are displacing long-time residents in the historic neighborhoods of the Central District, Capitol Hill and White Center.

We are collaborating across these three neighborhoods to address equity, displacement, and opportunity through six capital projects.

Affordable communities

Affordable homes and space for community.

Our collective work will result in more than 400 new and 30 preserved affordable homes, as well as vital neighborhood resources to empower community members and open new avenues to opportunity.

Equitable development is about more than buildings. It’s about honoring community, nurturing stability, and creating paths for economic mobility.

It’s about ensuring that community members have a voice in the future of their neighborhoods.

Invest in our future

Invest in a future that includes everyone.

The Rise Together campaign is raising $45 million in philanthropic investments to support our seven community-driven equitable development projects.

These gifts and grants will leverage $155 million in public support to create over 400 new affordable homes and an array of community-based services.

Our approach.

Three neighborhoods.
Six organizations.
One vision.

The Central District, Capitol Hill and White Center are each home to vibrant communities that have made our region what it is today. Rise Together is working to see that they remain and flourish. Each of our organizations brings a variety of tools and expertise that increase our collective impact in addressing displacement and increasing opportunity across our neighborhoods.

Through an approach that sets a new standard for addressing displacement and inequity, we are:

  • Leveraging the power of partnership to accelerate community-driven development.
  • Working directly with and across communities to shape the future of our neighborhoods.
  • Prioritizing local ownership and control, and developing innovative ownership models.
  • Building one another’s capacity as organizations and communities so that we emerge from this work stronger and ready to take on greater challenges.
  • Intentionally building a collaborative model that other cities can use to combat displacement – one that can increase awareness of the issues, empower communities, and raise critical funds.

Join us.

Diverse communities living today in the Central District, Capitol Hill and White Center are co-creating opportunities to remain there and flourish. You have an opportunity to advance and join our collaborative efforts.

Our goal is to raise $45 million in philanthropic contributions to support our equitable development projects. These private dollars will leverage nearly $155 million in public support to create more than 400 new affordable apartments, provide an array of community-based services, and grow new opportunities for residents in three rapidly changing neighborhoods.